Activities in 2014 in India

  • Saras Foundation  approached Deputy Commissioner in traffic in the city of Coimbatore. With his support Saras Foundation  displayed Road Safety Awareness posters in January 2014.
  • Saras Foundation  approached the Dean and Superintendent of the local medical school. They will support by providing volunteers from trainee Doctor’s group. These Doctors will help Saras Foundation in conducting First Aid and resuscitation courses to the various groups of the local communities.
  • Saras Foundation prepared a video clip on the dangers of road accident and appealed to the public to adapt road safety.
  • Saras Foundation arranged a presentation to the students in local schools and colleges.

Charity Night 2014:

  • “Saras Foundation Charity Ball was held in Hilton at Croydon, UK on 29 November 2014.122 Guests attended and we raised £2300-00 on that Night.
  • One of the trustees updated the activities of saras Foundation in India; Some of the road accidents in India during 2014 were shown and he highlighted the importance of wearing seat belt and to avoid “Drinking and Driving”. Saras Foundation Charity leaflets were distributed to the guests.