Get Involved

There are many ways to help however large or small it may be.

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Raise Money

Funding the projects is very important, so whether you’re a company or an individual, think about a charity cycling or charity run or any other charity activities,raise money for  Saras Foundation; no matter how small or large, share your ideas with us.

Please get in touch with us on how you can help to raise funds.Together we can make a real difference!

Business Group

If you’re a company or organisation,  you can help by becoming friends with our foundation to help spread the words of Saras Foundation.You can help us by having your logo on our website or attending corporate events or joining us to raise the awareness.

Healthcare Group

You might not be able to support our foundation financially but may be able to donate something else such as  medical equipment, medicine or your services (your time) Please let us know.  We aim to educate local community  with traffic regulations,  training para-medical group and support to the victims & their families. Doctors and nurses from all backgrounds can offer their time . Young talented professionals can volunteer to educate the community with road safety. Please get in touch with us to offer your support.

Students Group

If you’re a student in Schools and Colleges , then play your part by enrolling in our Foundation Voluntary Youth Group.You should be able to teach the community the dangers of drinking and driving ans usage of helmets.