How can we help?

Saras Foundation is operational for last three years in UK and has raised fund. It has setup an offices in Coimbatore, TN, INDIA .

Saras Foundation is working in partnership with local police department.As a result, it has achieved progress in bringing the awareness of the road safety to the local population.

India has nominated January 2014 as the month of awareness of the road safety & the prevention of road accidents.Using this opportunity, Saras foundation has set up posters in the important locations of Coimbatore city with Road Safety Slogans.(Please see picture gallery).

Saras foundation has taken an initiative to bring the awareness of road safety to the local schools and colleges. In this program, it has arranged a Presentation to the students of Hindusthan Arts and Science College in Coimbatore.

With more funding from public, we will create control rooms that receive mayday calls from accident sites. We will also set up a team of Professionals to provide First-Aid at accident sites.

Once we have grown in economic strength, Saras Foundation aims to provide free treatment to road accident victims from poorer socio-economic groups.

Main objectives:

  • Receive Mayday calls from accident sites
  • Provision of expert paramedical teams in ambulances to carry out resuscitation and basic life support before transporting victims to local hospitals.
  • Support for victims and their families
  • Counselling for bereaved families should death occur

Of the casualties from serious road traffic accidents, 50% suffer serious injuries to the cardiovascular and/or central nervous systems and die in the first 15 minutes. However for the other 50% of victims, basic-life support and first aid arranged within the first (golden) hour of injury has the potential to save many of lives.